"Paste Relative to Cursor" not working in Key-Editor

When I try to copy and paste events relative to the cursor position in the Key-Editor, it gets still pasted at the exact cursor position, not relative to it. It’s strange, bc pasting at absolute position does work and in the Project-Window both works as well just fine.
I have two videos attached, showing both Key-Editor and Project-Window behavior.

(I know that there is a quite similar topic to mine already in the forum, but since there was given a non working solution/ no solution and it is not tagged as “issue” I think it might be good to bring it up again)

Windows 11, Cubase 13.0.30

In Cubase 12 the function “Paste relative to cursor” is not available in the Key Editor. I wonder whether the bug is that Cubase does not paste relative to the cursor or that the function is not greyed out like in Cubase 12.

True, but I also figured out, that still in c12 and c13 it works in the Project-Window if you are using the in context editor. So it technically works for copied MIDI Notes, just not in the Key-Editor itself