'Paste Special' and percussion instrument

‘Paste Special’ and percussion instrument


I have realised that the following ‘Paste Special’ does not work on percussion instrument as follows:

  1. ‘Explode’ skips the percussion staves
  2. ‘Move to staff above’, ‘Move to staff below’, ‘Duplicate to staff above’ and ‘Duplicate to staff below’ do not work at all.

Are these phenomena the limitation of ‘Paste Special’?
Do you plan to improve at least No. 2?

You’ve noticed that percussion instruments are quite a different beast from the rest of the Dorico staves… They’re already a kind of “condensed” instruments, and the dev team knows it is not perfect yet, in the copy/paste and rests fields… I’m sorry I cannot help you further on this path, because I do not deal with unpitched percussion enough to know the proper workflow, but hopefully someone else will help you!

It is to be expected that you cannot use these features with percussion kits, at least for the time being.

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