Paste Special key commands issue?

What is the issue that prevents the Opt-D and Opt-M key commands from being assigned to Paste Special commands on the iPad like on MacOS? Is it a limitation imposed by iPadOS? If so, is this “forever”? I am using Duplicate to staff below a lot at the moment and really notice the extra gestures required to do Paste Special >> Duplicate to staff below .

e.g. 3 x Violin I; 3 x Violin II; Viola; 4 x Cello; 1 x Double Bass - all doing the same or similar rhythmic patterns you start to notice the difference between being able to Opt-D or not.

I’ve just tried assigning the shortcut Alt+D to Duplicate to Staff Below on my iPad, and it works fine.

Excellent! That’ll save a load of effort.

Thanks @dspreadbury

(I was searching for the wrong term in the key commands preferences. Gave up too soon. I suppose I was expecting it to be assigned by. default per desktop.)

These aren’t factory defaults on desktop either.

I could have sworn that was a default on desktop as I don’t recall having created the key command option+D.
Oh well, I must have been wrong …. and … I probably should swear a little less anyway :frowning: