Paste to new voice

When I try to paste at a place that already contains notes, the current content is overwritten. I tried creating a new voice and selected this before pasting, but pasted notes seems always to be entered into first voice.

Is there a way to do this? As an alternative solution I also tried to find a way to select notes and change them to another voice, but couldn’t figure it out.

You can add notes, or copy/paste music in overwrite mode (the default) or insert mode. Press I (that’s the letter I, not the number 1) to switch from one mode to the other. The “cursor” icon on the left hand margin is highlighted when you are in insert mode.

Thanks, but none of these works if i want to combine current and pasted notes (not overwriting or moving current notes). I can enter notes manually into a new voice, but couldn’t find a way to achieve the same when pasting.

There is indeed functionality missing to paste into a new empty voice.
As a workaround for now:

  • place the caret where you’d like to paste
  • Shift+V for new voice
  • enter one note
  • delete that note (backpsace)
  • paste

I’ll look at making ‘paste to new voice’ available in a future patch release.

The other piece of functionality that may or may not help your use case would be, to paste into an existing mode with chord mode enabled (effectively not deleting existing notes in the voice you are pasting too). That’s not possible yet, but it is on our roadmap.

seemed like a nice workaround … doesn’t work for me :frowning: well, it works if I copy from the same voice I’m pasting to, but not when I attempt to paste material copied from another voice…

Ah, my bad, apologies. Copy/paste is somewhat restrictive at the moment, it attempts to replicate staves/instruments from the source, and therefor doesn’t allow pasting into specific voices. It does copy the nth voice of a certain direction into the nth voice of that direction at the destination.

I got confused, because we do actually have one special case in the paste code, which allows you to paste all voices from a single stave into another stave even in that same instrument. E.g. select only the left hand of a piano, should allow you to copy that into the right hand. However, if you select both left and right hand in the same copy operation, then you can paste only into the first and second stave of any other instrument.

We will of course look at making all of this more flexible.

A somewhat related set of features which, as far as I can tell, doesn’t (yet?) exist, would be an “explode to several staves” from one staff and vice versa (implode/combine several staves into one). I consider this a very important and useful function, particularly during the process of orchestrating where one likes to move things around a lot (working from a piano version, for instance), something I use all the time in Finale. Hope this is also in the works for the future.

Are we able to do this yet?
Trying to insert to a new voice without disturbing notes already written in another voice.
Neither “overwrite” nor “insert” mode achieves this for me.

NM. I answered my question. You have to start with insert mode, then choose “create new voice” from the write menu. Then it works.

IIRC this capability exists i the right-click context menu: Paste Special > Paste into Voice.