Paste to other key / transpose on key change


I’m working on a new piece that has similar melody lines in different keys.

2 things I am missing from my last software that came in handy:

  1. When pasting notes to another place that’s in another key, F. would transpose the notes to the new key.
  2. When changing a section to another key, there would be an option to either transpose the existing notes to the new key (up/down) or to keep them on the same line (chromatically/diatonically).

Am I just overlooking those features in Dorico? If not, please consider them as a feature request :slight_smile:

Thanks, E.

I’ve not found these in Dorico.

  1. I’d like pasting into a new key signature to transpose by default, but with a modifier key to keep the notes the same.
  2. These are also indispensable.

You’re perhaps overlooking Write > Transpose, which is almost as quick as inputting a new key signature (and just as quick if you assign a shortcut to it).

Not overlooking that. I tend to use the popover.
It’s easy enough to paste music into a new key and then transpose it, but most of the time that seems illogical.

Is this / will this be fixed? It seems so obvious…

I’ve got used to the two step process. To be fair to Dorico both of those steps are quicker than the Finale equivalents.

Steveparker, what do you mean, they are quicker than the Finale equivalents?
How can a two-step process that involves some brainpower be better than a one-step-that-does-it-all process?

I just mean the act of Shift-K "E’, Shift-I “tM3” can be accomplished more quickly than ticking boxes in Finale’s transposition menu.

I found Finale’s habit of transposing notes when pasting just because the key sigs weren’t the same VERY ANNOYING! (Particularly transposing a third between relative major/minors.)

I would definitely NOT want Dorico to do that.

Please make this an option?
But without transposing the drum parts of course :slight_smile:

I’ve got used to Dorico’s way now… :slight_smile: