paste => unselect ... whyyyy ?


i have 2 midi regions. At one point i want to paste them.
i select both regions, activate the paste tool, click one of the region and they are paste in one single region.

good now why the hell does nuendo automatically deselect the new created region ? :cry:

from years i’m using paste function the probability to then go inside and edit some CC curves to make sure they match the paste or some notes sustains is 8out10. Or you may want to copy duplicate this pasted region or whatever.
Anyway if you don’t want to do anything else to it then … do nothing or if for some reason it’s a matter of urgent life or death to deselect it then just click empty space.

right ?
can’t this be fixed for the best ?

Have you tried with “Auto Select Events Under Cursor” on/off?

Hi Lydiot,

you’r right this function can be usefull but the problem is that i often edit multiple parts for orchestra divisi and if you do a selection of regions on different tracks as soon as you press play you loose the selection with this function.
also if you edit one region from track B (in key editor window) but you have selected track A (highlited in edit window). then during play your key editor switches to what ever region is in track A under cursor even if you are working and want to stay on region from track B … this is driving me crazy ;à