Pasted automation points are always off by 1 - 2 milliseconds. Please Help!

Hi All!

Longtime Cubase user! As the years go by I have started to make a list of issues I encounter that bottleneck my workflow - lately I have started trying to solve all these issues.

I am currently running Cubase 9.5

I will often manually input automation points for just about any conceivable parameter you can think of - everything from basic volume automation to super detailed compressor settings, to vst synths to EQ’s curves changing through a song - and no matter what is being automated, the actual points and their values time wise behave strangely.

Example, if I input some automation points manually (not writing in real time) and lock the points to the grid time wise and then paste these points elsewhere in a song they will often be pasted with a 1-2 ms discrepancy - the first pasted point will be locked it time wise on the grid but others won’t be. Yeah, we are talking 1 - 2 ms off but still, I have been going nuts because I end up spending hours correcting these points. I simply don’t know why this happens!!??

Has anyone experienced this and have you found a reason or solution!? I would be eternally grateful!! Thanks for all help!

Can you describe the specific steps you are taking to copy & paste the data points? Also what are your Quantize and Snap settings? Some screenshots might be useful too.

Thanks for your reply! I will get screen shots and grid/snap and quantize setting to you tomorrow!!

Attached are two screenshots.

Look closely at the first pic and you see that the 3rd automation point at bar 60. 2. 4. 0 is highlighted (you can confirm this in the info box in the upper left hand corner).

I copied and pasted (standard apple command c and then apple command v) this exact automation 4 bars later and highlighted the same 3rd automation point and you can see it is 72. 2. 3.119 - 1 value short of the original. What is odd is the first two automation points in the copied version are correct time wise and then as of point three (until the end of the whole automation block) all proceeding points are one ms early.

As you can see Quantize is on, and grid type is “Grid.”

I really don’t understand…

All tips and help SUPER APPRECIATED!!!

What about your first Automation Point, does it also copy to the wrong place. I’m trying to understand if all your Automation is shifted by the same amount or if different Automation Points are in the wrong place relative to each other.

That’s the strange part, the pasted automation’s first two points are copied correctly - as of the third point all points are off by .001 until the end of the automation.

That seems very odd.

What happens if after you do the Copy and then move the Cursor but before executing the Paste you turn off Snap and then paste?

I’ll try and replicate this when I get to my DAW.

When I try to replicate your On & Off Automation I end up needing substantially fewer Automation Data Points as I’ve marked in red below. Then when I copy all of them and paste at bar 3 all these new Automation Points are exactly where expected. Perhaps the extraneous Automation data is causing problems?

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to reply! Unfortunately this issue happens with all matter of automation parameters, not only off/on where, yes, you are correct, one could use less points. Typically I have these automation timing discrepancies with volume, but as I said, many other parameters as well.

Could this be due to an automation setting or even something in preferences - I have looked and experimented with the automation settings but still no luck!