Pastel Track Colours

Hi, just loaded the iro+pastel into my default color set. The colours are very nice, thanks to Seyoum and Tyrcian! I can access the full list using the colour tool in the arrangement page, but in the mixer, the color list now stretches so far to the right that most colours are out of the screen’s range… how do you get to the other colours?? I would like to assign the same colours that I used in the arrangement page for VST instruments etc. to their respective output tracks in the mixer…

By the way, is it possible for me to change the order in which the colours appear in the list? I would prefer to have the default Cubase colours in the top of the list. Is it as simple as changing the order of the entries in the defaults.xml file?

Hi sorry for the late reply! I would experiment with moving the order. As for the mixer problem this is clearly an issue to do with Cubase, guess they didn’t anticipate for so many colours to be used. You’ll just have to change the colour in the arrange page for now.

Mine show up with the Cubase default colors first so yes I would try changing the order. I too find the color list outdated and obviously Steinberg wasn’t ready for something as elaborate as this. The only work-around I know of is once you click on the color list you can use the up/down arrows that scroll through the colors which are 10x faster than using a mouse and holding it down while it scrolls.

Hey Tyrcian,

Unfortunately, your link no longer works, but I was hoping to re-download the color palette :frowning:

I downloaded it sometime ago, but then replaced my PC and couldn’t find your palette. I have Iro’s but not yours, can you please upload it via Dropbox somewhere?

Thank you!!

Ya, I missed the boat on this one a while back, would be nice to add this on my new DAW :sunglasses:

Even though Tyrcian’s download link doesn’t work anymore, you can still get the pastel colors by pasting these into your Defaults.xml file.

I highly recommend doing so. The default color palette in Cubase 8.5 is way too neon-bright and saturated for my taste. These colors are much more relaxing to look at. Plus you have a lot more to choose from!

Hey guys!

Sorry I have been out of the music scene for some time now. Here is my colour palette in .cpr form once again.


Please feel free to back this up or rehost wherever you like.

Updated the link in original post too.

Thank you.

By any chance do you have yours combined with seyoums colors. I have them both combined, but can’t remember how I did it unless someone combined it. :laughing: Or maybe I screwed with an XML file? I don’t remember.

I’ll look at it today and get back to you. I think I might just have my own Pastel set.

Edit: You will have to purchase Seyoum’s set then copy the data from my file to merge them.

My apologies to Seyoum if I redistributed his colour set before, I believe it was free at the time I made my set but now it isn’t anymore so I can’t include it with my colours.

Yeah you need to merge them manually in the XML file. IIRC you just copy and paste and adjust the “Value” parameter

It used to be free indeed, not your fault I’d say.
Thanks for reuploading! :slight_smile:

It’s not that hard to do.

And the other color pack is a huge $3.

If you want quantity, there is a user who posted a large color assortment…I want to say over 200 colors for download at VI Control. For myself that is too many.

I believe i used a colour wheel with about 10 colours and three shades of each. Seems about right.