Pasting a new 'voice' doesn't work?

The Shift V for creating a 2nd polyphonic voice works fine if you input the notes of the 2nd voice with the mouse, but if you try pasting from another stave, it doesn’t work. ie: even if you do SHIFT V before pasting, the pasted notes still attach themselves to the 1st voice.

This isn’t possible yet…

As a work-around, you could do Shift-V to start the new voice, manually input a note, and then copy the part from another stave then select the previously entered note and paste.

When copying voices from staff to staff, the voices currently retain their identity, so you cannot copy “voice 1” from one staff into “voice 2” on another (or the same) staff…

My apologies… I swore this worked for me in a piano piece last night, but now I am not able to do it.

No need to apologize, we’re all guilty of (occationally) misleading the crowd, even with the best of intensions :slight_smile: :slight_smile: