Pasting Articulations Not including Slurs Properly

I am trying to paste only the articulations from one passage from the other. All articulation markings except for slurs are consistently working as expected. Any advice?

Can you give us an example of where it goes wrong for you? (It works as expected for me - both articulations and slurs)

Anytime I try to do that action. It is very consistently not working for me.

Here are some examples of it working…

Dorico pastes an articulation/slur if it can.

I think it would be most useful if you can provide an example, at least a screenshot

I have tried this example with many different ways of selecting, and so far I am unable to reproduce the problem. I even tried it with the different final note value (double-dotted in bar 6) and including the nonsensical staccato dot on the 16th note. It works for me every time. Could there be something strange about your slur?

(BTW, you don’t need to select to the final note of the slur in order to Copy, nor more than the first note to Paste. Just one click on the first bar, and click on the start of the destination does it.)

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I just tried it again specially using the slur tool in the inspector and it’s the same result. I’ve tried multiple different files and examples.

Clearly you must be doing something wrong:

  1. click somewhere in your source bar to select it.
  2. ctrl-c (to copy)
  3. click your target bar (or even just the 1st note of it)
  4. right-click> paste special> articulations

The process also works for passages at different positions on a bar. Select some notes, copy, select a note somewhere else, paste articulations.

Perhaps you should experiment…

My guess is that there is something odd about the project itself that is causing this not to work. Could you post the project here?

It is consistent across all project files.

And can you attach one?

@trumpetandfilm, is it possible you’re not using the most recent version of Dorico? I don’t remember exactly when we changed the behaviour, but if I remember correctly, Paste Articulations didn’t initially include slurs, and this was added in a later update. If you have a Dorico 4 license, make sure you’re running the latest update (at the time of writing, Dorico 4.3.20).

This was it!! thank you so much for your help!