Pasting bug

When I try to paste the top staff into the bottom staff (starting with the bottom staff empty), I get what is shown in the screen shot. This happens whether I copy and paste or do an option-click. However, pasting tuplets within the same part works fine.
Screenshot 2016-11-18 14.23.00.png

I’m unable to reproduce this problem in my current development build. I expect it will be fixed in the forthcoming 1.0.10 update, but if you find the problem persists after you’ve been able to try it in the update, please let me know.

I couldn’t reproduce it in 1.0.0 either…

@fratveno: I’m using a Mac, OSv 10.11.6, so it may be a Mac-specific problem. Also I haven’t tried it on my laptop running Sierra, which doesn’t have Dorico installed yet.

It’s very unlikely to be a Mac-specific problem. If you want anybody to diagnose the problem more fully, you need to provide your actual project (zip it up and attach it here). Unfortunately the diagnostic possibilities afforded by a screenshot are very limited.

This seems to be fixed in the new release. Thanks.