Pasting cues into parts with two "players"


I’m having an issue with pasting cues into a part with two “players”. I have a part layout which includes a violin player/staff (ordinary treble staff), and another player/staff which shows what a speaker/presenter in the piece is saying (one-line percussion staff).

I want to add cues from other instruments for the violin player, but the cues keep getting pasted on the speaker staff. How can I get the cues on the violin staff?

Maybe there is a simple solution to this, but I couldn’t find one with a quickish search.

Best, Pietari

Hello Pietari,
what happens if you open the Full Score and add the cue to the Violin Player’s system?

That seems to work, thanks! But is it supposed to work only this way or should it work also when editing the part?

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I haven’t tried it but I think as long as the caret is on the violin staff before pasting, the cue should paste there. You can always move it up/down a staff by pressing Alt/Opt-N or Alt/Opt-M.

Ah, that was it! Thank you! I suspected it was something simple I missed.

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