Pasting into percussion instruments from other instruments

Loving the new features in 1.2.

I’m going through a project where I have a “hacked” 5-line percussion part (using a xylophone muted for playback) and creating a proper percussion part to replace it. I’ve managed to create my “kit” with 4 instruments and messed around with stem directions and noteheads, all fine, and input some of the notes. When trying just to copy/paste passages from the old part to the new one, nothing appears. Is this expected or should I be able to do this? (I realise there are additional complexities to note input for percussion which I haven’t really explored yet). Is there a cleverer way of moving my old perc part to the new one than re-entering it all?

In addition, a couple of times now I’ve encountered a situation where the notes don’t get added to the stave when entering manually. I hear the sound and the caret moves, but no note appears. In both instances restarting Dorico seemed to fix the problem (the “invisible” notes still aren’t there but I am able to continue entering notes for a while at least). I haven’t figured out what if anything triggers this problem but I will report back if it persists.

Unfortunately you can’t paste between pitched and unpitched instruments. This is to be expected, alas, and I can’t think of another option other than to input the music again, sorry!

In a simplistic project, one idea may be to export it to something like Cubase through midi (or xml?), remap it there and import it back in.