Pasting into voice.

I am trying to copy part of voice 1 of a measure into voice2 of that same measure (an octave higher), and can’t get it to work.
I came across this reference

which references a
Edit > Paste Into Voice > [Existing or new voice]

but I cannot find this function in the menus. Where is it ?

I am using elements2,, on windows.


I’m afraid those options – which are found in the Edit > Paste Special menu in Dorico Pro – are not included in Dorico Elements.

Please clarify, Daniel. Just starting with Dorico and have lead voice written in G-clef of “piano” part but wish that voice to have its own staff, delete the piano, and accompany the voice with a choir in another staff. Really don’t want to have to re-write the entire lead part. Wish to copy the lead part into its own part, delete the piano part entirely, and create the choir part to accompany. Is there a way with Elements to either copy the lead to another staff or “convert” the piano part to a single G-clef staff for the lead singer?

(By the way, just getting started with Dorico and totally knocked out. Love it! Thanks!)

Jurisdictionary, build a score with both your piano grand staff and a separate Voice stave. Then click and shift+click the start and end points of the passage you want to copy (or select the first bar and use Edit > Select to end or flow).
Then either copy and paste or Alt+Click the destination stave.