Pasting It Where I Want it

I selected and copied all upstem voice 1 notes from the first note to the end of the flow to paste into another staff. The notes did not start on beat 1, but when I tried to paste them, they would always start on beat 1 of the target staff.

As a workaround, I put a half note, and 1/8 note, and a 1/16 note in the target staff so the notes would paste in the right place. After pasting,I deleted the unwanted notes. That worked, but there must be a better way.


Thank you.

  1. Set the rhythmic grid resolution to 16ths/semiquavers.
  2. Select the passage you want to copy.
  3. Hit Enter/Return/Shift-N to invoke the caret
  4. Up/Down to the destination staff.
  5. Paste.

Way quicker to do than to explain.

Quicker still:

  1. Select all the notes you want to copy.
  2. Cmd/Ctrl-click the first rest in the first bar of the selection.
  3. Alt-click/paste to the start of the bar in the destination staff.
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And when you want to copy all the notes of a long passage to the next staff down, there is Edit > Paste Special > Duplicate to Staff Below. I use it so much I gave it a shortcut.

Thank you, @pianoleo!

First method worked perfectly.

The second method worked for upstem v1 but oddly not for downstem v1. That’s OK, though. Issue resolved.

@Mark_Johnson, Sounds great, thanks. I have a lot of this to do.

TMI, but I imported something from a DAW and now I am fixing it. Future scores will start out right (I hope). That said, copy/paste tools always come in handy.