Pasting lyrics and text flows

I read in the comment section of the development diary that copying and pasting of lyrics as text won’t be available in the first version, but I was wondering if the team is working on automatic lyric setting, using ties and slurs as guidelines. It can be very tedious to paste in every individual syllable, and often when not looking at the screen I will accidentally miss a melisma and throw the rest of a line out of whack. If it’s possible for Dorico to handle something like the attached automatically it would be an enormous time saver.

Also, I saw the concept of “text flows” mentioned somewhere - could this include lyrics? Or is it only for text to be placed in text frames? For example: imagine I’m working on a piece with three verses. I copy these three verses as three paragraphs into a text flow, then in my score I select a passage of music, select input on lyric line 1 and set the starting point as the first word of verse one - Dorico then automatically fills in lyrics until it reaches the end of the selection. I then select lyric line 2 and select the first word of verse two, and so on. Just a thought. :smiley:

We would certainly like to provide time-saving tools for assigning lyrics to voices in future, but such features will not be present in the first version.

Text flows are only for text in text frames, but lyrics would not need to use text flows in order to provide the kinds of time-saving tools you describe in any case.