Pasting lyrics, elisions/hard spaces

Hi all,

I am selecting already entered lyrics, copying it and then via shift+L pasting it to another phrase, syllable by syllable.

The lyrics are in italian, so lots of places that need elision/hard space. Here’s the thing.

che_il will paste as expected.
che{hardspace}il will not, and if I enter a new hard space and then hit ctrl+V Dorico will as expected go to the next note.

One thought. What if the standard routine would be to always use underscore for this, and then in Engraving Settings have a setting for what sign to use? In this way one could also easily switch between the two styles and of course this should be overrideable on a case by case basis as well.

Hi. I have been copy-pasting with unbreakable spaces without problems for years, so I think something is wrong in your workflow (or you use a PC and things differ on Mac?). Maybe we can get to the bottom of this?
I use alt-shift-space for those unbreakable spaces. I can input my text in TeXShop (or any other Text editor) then copy paste…

I am on PC. This is what I mean:

lyrics hard space

If you do this –
1 select the lyrics in top staff
2 go to second staff
3 Shift+L for lyrics
4 Paste syllable by syllable to the new rhythm

Do you get the “ro in” on the last note or do you get what I get?

Yes, I get the exact copy… I suppose that is a difference between PC and Mac :person_shrugging:

Thanks for checking. Yes, it must be.