Pasting lyrics in bulk

In a recent webinar with John Barron, I learned about copying all the lyrics from a text document, and then opening the lyric popover on the first note, and repeatedly Cmd-V to paste each syllable into place. This is truly wonderful. But is it possible (or could it be added to a wish list) to have a command that BULK pastes the lyrics using that same logic? In other words, hitting one keystroke and not having to Cmd-V on Every. Single. Syllable. :grinning:

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Not possible yet (AFAIK).


If you hold down Command V, it will auto-repeat until it’s all done!

There you are, one keystroke! :grinning:

I actually hadn’t thought about doing it that way. I guess the only question is what will happen when it’s out of syllables and the operating system still has 479 Cmd-V keystrokes buffered that need to be delivered! LOL I’ll have to try this.

I don’t know about Windows, but on Mac a keyboard shortcut held down to repeat is usually smart enough not to get ahead of the execution of the command.