Pasting Lyrics

Hey there,

I just asked myself if there is an easier way to paste lyrics, especially when you have to paste a lot of text. At the moment you copy lyrics and press for every syllable cmd + v. So when you have 30 syllables you have to press cmd + v 30 times. In Finale I can copy a text into the text editor, then click on note in the arrangement and it will paste the complete text until the end (it stops when there is no music in the line). The way you have to it Dorico is a pain for me. I am happy about your help.


Have a look at this Video:

I’ve seen this already and it doesn’t solve my problem. From an external text editor you can copy a whole text line, but to insert it as lyrics you have to select a note and then press for each syllable you have copied “cmd + V”. So instead of pasting the lyrics under each note automatically you have the paste every single syllable under a note. This is very nice, if you have a text and want to paste it individually. But if you want to paste long lyrics under the notes, it’s a pain.

In the future it’s certainly possible that we wll have a feature that can paste all of the lyrics in one go, though that will require you to do any necessary syllabification setup in advance, e.g. to add slurs for melismas, or possibly to mark up the text with more than one hyphen to denote how many notes a syllable should be sung for.

In the meantime, if you have largely homophonic music, once you’ve pasted or typed in the lyrics for one part, you can either filter and copy and paste the lyrics from one part to another, or you could copy the whole part including the notes and then use Lock Duration to repitch the notes. I find this very quick and efficient.

Grindelo, perhaps this is redundant but you actually don’t have to press ‘cmd + v’ for each syllable. If you’ve copied an entire syllabified text to the buffer, once you start pasting the lyrics you can keep the Cmd key held down, i.e. you just need to keep pressing ‘v’. This is considerably faster than releasing both keys and pressing them both again for each syllable. Again, perhaps you already knew this…

Thanks for your reply. This is exactly it, what I am looking for :slight_smile:

I am already doing all the stuff to make this as fast as possible (copying lyrics from other lines, holding down cmd and only press “v” etc.) I even made a key command for filtering lyrics to make this faster. The filter function is great! But still when pasting lyrics for the first time (already edited with hyphens etc.) into Dorico it would be awesome to make this in one go. I am used to the lyrics editor in Finale and it would be great you will have a similar or even better editor in the future.