Pasting lyrics

I have only been exploring Dorico for a few days and as time has allowed, but I already I like much of what I have learned about the program, the interface and its methodology. Nevertheless, as someone who does a lot of choral/vocal setting work (currently on Sibelius 7.5) on a daily basis, I miss the pasting lyrics function of Sibelius and wonder when this is likely to become a feature of Dorico? Or maybe it is in there somewhere?

I have tried searching for this topic, without success, but I apologise if I have missed something along the way. Any help would be much appreciated!

We don’t have that option yet, but I believe it is on the list. No, I don’t think we have a timescale for this.

Thank you for your response John and it’s good to know it’s on the list. I hope it is sooner rather later in the time-scale though, as it would be such a useful time-saver to have it available.

If there were a way of pasting lyrics where words separated by a non-breaking space could be assigned automatically to one note that would speed my weekly Responsorial Psalm composition significantly.

I just tried this, Michael, and it worked OK for me, even without a non-breaking space. If I copy the words I want to be attached to a single rhythmic position in e.g. TextWrangler and then paste them into the lyrics popover in Dorico, all of the words end up attached to that note, spaces and all.