Pasting melodic notes as a chord?


I can’t find any information on Google or in the Dorico user guide on this, but is there a way to select three horizontally-placed notes and paste them somewhere else, on top of each other, as a chord? So if I (for example), select a B flat, D and F (all in the same instrument) - whether or not they are next to each other - is there a way to automatically paste them to create a B flat major chord?

No, at the moment there’s no built-in feature for this. You might find that engaging chord input with Q and then using Alt+left on each note to move it to the same rhythmic position is just about workable, or it might simply be quicker to just input the chord afresh.

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Many thanks, Daniel! I’ll mark your post as a solution, as it still does what I need, just in a slightly different way.

I would have thought it quicker simply to add the later notes to the first note using chord (Q) mode and note entry, then changing the chord duration to remove the later notes (rather than shuffling around with alt-left etc.)