Pasting midi between apps

Any way we can get copy/paste midi data from Dorico to Cubase? I know we can export a midi file, but it would also be very useful to be able to just copy a few bars of one instrument and paste it into Cubase, and maybe even from Cubase to Dorico.

You can drag and drop from Cubase to Dorico, but you have to switch to Play mode in Dorico first. It isn’t currently possible to drag from Dorico to Cubase, though it’s something we hope to address in a future version.

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Finale can copy and paste MIDI data directly to the OS clipboard, in a ‘generic’ form that any app can use. Ironically, I’ve not found another app that does the same :laughing: (Logic just copies a byte dump as text to the Pasteboard) but it does seem like a useful thing.

I wrote a Mac app that opens MIDI files and can copy the data to the clipboard: and Finale will paste it in!

Is there any chance that Dorico might put/take raw MIDI from the pasteboard?

Perhaps at some point, but in the meantime if you can paste the MIDI data to a file, you can drag and drop that into Dorico (or you could add the ability to your app to make pasted MIDI data draggable in MIDI format – I expect the drag and drop protocol is very similar to the clipboard data protocol)

It’s identical! So I could make an app that makes Clipboard data draggable: then it would go into Dorico! Awesome!!

Wow: I can drag from Dorico into Logic!!! You can’t drag the other way, weirdly, but that looks like a Logic issue.

No, I don’t think Dorico puts the MIDI onto the clipboard in the same way that it can receive it just yet, but it’s something we plan to improve in future.

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Wow: I can drag from Dorico into Logic!!! You can’t drag the other way, weirdly, but that looks like a Logic issue.

@benwiggy, Can you elaborate on how you did this? I haven’t been able to figure this out!

benwiggy, can you elaborate on how you did this? I haven’t been able to figure this out!

(Apologies for the repost, I wanted to quote you but can’t figure out a way to delete my old post)

You can drag one track’s colour bar (not the piano roll, but the un-opened colour bar) from Dorico to Logic in Play mode.

benwiggy, I’m having some difficulty. Am I dragging the correct thing? Please see attachment.


Have you tried closing those instruments cards (little chevron next to the name) as Ben suggests ?

These are the colour bars I mean:

However, you can only drag each individual one, so that may not be satisfactory. You may be better off exporting a MIDI file.
Screenshot 4.png

I want to drop GM MIDI files directly from the Mac finder into Dorico. These are drum patterns in General MIDI format. Is there a modifier key that helps with this or is it even possible? Perhaps a third party utility? Otherwise, I have to open every single pattern in a different document and then copy and paste it from there back to the current score. Very cumbersome.

Yes, you can drop MIDI files directly into the Play mode of Dorico.

HI Paul i tried so hard to drag midi from cubase to dorico like you said and like the video i watched, no way it wont happen, why ? is there something i should tell dorico first ?

I don’t think this feature works with the actual Dorico 4 versions. You might need to import midi using the File>import feature

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Noted Marc Thanks, many things where moved form Dorico 4
Strange no ?

No. The Play mode is being pumped up like a lot
They could have chosen to postpone the update for another six months to bring it quite finished to us, they chose to let us benefit from all the other great features early.
It will come back in due time :wink:

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Hopefully now since you are online i would like you to read my new topic and give me a help while waiting for John to see it

I am pretty sure the import into a separate flow was designed to protect users from overwriting previously entered material. Yes, it mandates an additional step in the transfer process, but it allows for greater safety. Deleting an unneeded flow is a fairly rapid process.

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