Pasting "play technique" to multiple notes affects only the first note

Dear developers and users,

Pasting “play technique” to multiple notes affects only the first note while pasting a dynamic mark affects multiple notes.
Is it the intended behaviour?

This was changed in 3.0, I think. But your playing technique needs to have a duration to be able to multi-paste.

…but if you mean you’re selecting e.g. the first note of bar 1, the first note of bar 2, the third note of bar 3 on a different stave and then trying to add a Playing Technique to all three at once, no, that won’t work.

Attaching “stopped” with the symbol ‘+’ to a series of notes does not work.
Dorico attaches + with a continuation line, but I want to have an individual assignment of “+” to each note. The only way to do it is pasting “+” manually.

That’s correct. You can use Alt+click to copy a playing technique repeatedly to several different rhythmic positions.

Can anyone explain the thinking behind this behavior, and is there some kind of best practice for inputting playing technique markings that are on many notes? I’m creating a strumming worksheet, and it is quite laborious to paste, Shift+down-arrow, right-arrow several times, paste, repeat.

Set the “continuation type” property to “repeat the signs” if that is what you want.

You can edit the playing technique to set the default continuation type, if that is always what you want. Click on the “continuation” tab in the playing techniques editor.

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This doesn’t work if what you want is to select every other note and apply a downstroke marking, and then go back and apply upstroke markings to the remaining notes. It only appears to work if you want the same marking on every note in a given range.

If you are marking every note with alternating up and down playing techniques, either you are writing for very dumb human players, or you need a sample library that handles this automatically.

Anyway, I was answering prko’s complaint about stopped notes (on horns, presumably), not alternating symbols.

You can call middle-aged ukulele students who are encountering notation for the first time and have never played an instrument dumb if you want, but that’s the crowd I roll with, and I love them, so I do what I can to help them along. They get a lot of joy out of learning, and they find it helpful if I make things quite explicit. I did mention that this is for a strumming worksheet.

I’m still surprised you need to mark more than 2 or 3 repetitions and them add some text like “etc” (since they might not understand “simile”).

Not knowing how to play the ukulele is one thing. Not having any common sense is something different.

Could you elaborate, Daniel? Say I’ve got a series of off-beat snare drum notes and I want to apply a rim shot playing technique to each note. I thought maybe you mean to alt-click the appropriate symbol in the PT palette, and then (holding alt) click on the notes in turn. But that didn’t work for me…

Alt-click is a way to copy many things in Dorico.
Select an instance of the playing technique (in the score), then alt-click the note(s) you want to copy it to.

I’m willing to believe it, but nothing I tried did anything. Will try again in the morning.

I use it frequently to paste repetitive slur patterns. It’s very useful.

Aha! That’s very handy. Thanks.