Patch Change from controller

What is the CC or NOTE ON or PROG CHANGE or whatever MIDI message that needs to be placed onto a control on a MIDI controller that would send “PATCH CHANGE” message to any given VSTI?

It’s a pain when auditioning sounds to constantly have to go to mouse in order to go to next patch/preset on a VSTi.


Standard MIDI message is Program Change. Some Instruments combine it with combination of MIDI CC 0 and 32 (Bank Select MSB and LSB). But this doesn’t select “next” patch, this select the dedicated one. And almost no Virtual Instrument listen these MIDI Messages.

But there is a “Select Next Preset” command available in Cubase’s KeyCommands. You can assign own KeyOmmand or any MIDI message via Generic Remote Device.

Thank you for helping. I experimented with the Next Preset and it does work but it requires that all of the presets show up in the “native” Cubase listings for presets, or if it is a preset I made myself that I can pull from Media Manager.

I cannot figure out how to advance/step through presets on my VSTi’s… Stuff like Halion SE or some of the other VSTi’s that I have purchased this year like Synapse stuff, etc.

So basically everytime I want to audition a new sound I left my mouse cursor hovering right above the arrow in the GUI of the VSTi and then click my mouse button. It’s a drag to have to move hand away from my midi controller over to the mouse everytime I want to do this. I wish I could map the TRANSPORT FWD and TRANSPORT RWD buttons on my controller for this function instead since I never use those transport buttons.