patch change in SR-16 from cubase le 4

I have an SR-16 set up in Cubase LE 4. It is installed as a midi device and I can play and record via midi just fine.

I am fairly new to cubase but I thought that specifying a patch on the track inspector would trigger a change to that patch on the SR-16 when playback was of that track was initiated. The SR-16 does not respond with any patch change and simply plays back using whatever patch was selected on the machine manually. I do have the patch change parameter set to ‘ON’ in the SR-16’ s midi setup.

Is there something I am missing?


Yes- the patch change applies only to the internal patches in Cubase.

What you need to do is open the Midi Event Editor and add a patch change message at the appropriate spot.

I added a program change event in the control lane of the midi drum editor, but it had no effect on the patch selection in the SR-16. Is there something else that has to be set?

Did you set the track to Read the automation?

I tried turning on Read automation, but it didn’t change anything.

I installed the SR-16 as a midi device in Cubase LE. It set up a device with banks and patches, but I don’t see what use they are.

I was referring to the Midi Event Editor, if you right click on the midi event you should be able to select “Event Editor” and check that the program change message appears there.

Are you using a different version of Cubase perhaps? The only editors I see when I right click a midi event are key, list, and drum. There is also no reference to event editor in the operations manual.

Yes, it’s the List editor. My bad.

If you open the list editor, on the left hand side you can see what type of midi command is being sent- Note, Controller, Program Change etc. The Program change is the MIDI event you are looking for.

I opened the list editor and the program change which I had made using the control lane in the drum editor was reflected in the event list… but it doesn’t seem to be recognized by the SR-16.