Patch name scripts

Hello everyone.

I found on the net a patch name script for the E-MU Mo-Phatt in txt format and I was wondering how I could get it to work in Cubase 7. All of the other patch scripts that I have are all in xml format and I know how to install those with ease but how do you do so with txt files?

Please help!!

I have no idea what platform you’re on or what version of Cubase you have so here’s the basic instructions:

Go to wherever your main Preferences folder is stored.

Open the Cubase 7.x folder and navigate to the Scripts folder and then the Patchnames folder. Drop your Mo-Phatt.txt file into the EMU folder.

Launch Cubase. From the Devices menu, choose MIDI Device Manager. Click on the Install Devices button and scroll to Mo-Phatt(EMU) and select it. Assign the MIDI Output connected to the Mo-Phatt.

You’ll now be able to assign the Mo-Phatt in the Output Assignment window in any MIDI track’s Inspector and access its patch list.

"Hi i have the same problem trying to find the script patch txt files. I am running cubase 7.5.20,on a mac osx 10.9.4, and on older macks it went something like this: Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences/Cubase(what ever version)/Scripts/Patchnames/inactive/and then select whatever manufacturer was there,and there would be the txt files,however on Cubase 7.5.20 or even the 7.5 ver after you got to Preferences there was nothing to go into,does it have another path that i don’t know about. Thank You. Robert.

Hi robert4767,

Cubase’s preferences are stored in your user library, not in the HD library. To access your user library click on “Go” on the upper menu bar, press the “Alt” (or Option) key on your keyboard and you’ll see it will appear there on the drop down menu.



Hello. Do you still need this script?