patch names not saving with file!

I have been away from cubase for a couple of years but have just come back to it. I am now running W7 64 bit with Cubase 6 (6.0.3)

anyway, I am having major troubles with my outboard gear. I have loaded my midi devices and set everything up correctly. when I select a patch if works fine but when I re-load that file later all the sounds are wrong and I have to go through every patch re-assigning them. cubase NEVER saves the patch, however when I select the pull down menu to re-assign the patch the correct patch name is ALWAYS the highlighted patch in the menu, even the correct bank??? But I have to select another patch then re-select the patch again (presumably to send the program change message) in order to get it to play the correct patch… confusing I know!!! lol

anyway, there used to be a way to write the program change data into the part but I can’t seem to find it… this will be a work around for me if it still exists?

on another note… cusbase hangs for 5 mins (roughly) nearly every time I go to close it down. If I force a shout down via the task manager I loose all my devices from the divice manager and when I re-start and have to re-load all of them. If I un-install my midi device this problem seems to go away???

I have tried the Midex 8 with the un-supported W7 driver, that was a nightmare… hung notes, volume sends not responding…etc etc…

I am now trying the Midisport 4x4 (W7 drives) as a tester (which is def working better than the midex 8) and looking at possibly the Motu midi express in the future…‘IF’, I can solve the problems I am having?

any suggestion will be welcome…