Patch updater keeps setting 32bit Cubase as default

I have C7.5 and C8 on my DAW with both 32 and 64 bit versions.

I normally use 64 bit and 32bit only as a fall back for a couple of old plugins.

Each time I run a Cubase patch updater, it sets the default application for a .cpr file to be the 32bit version and I have to manually adjust the registry to set it to the 64 bit version.

I shouldn’t have to do this. The patch installer should leave my existing settings alone if they exist or create a new default for the 64 bit version, not the 32bit version or even better, give an option to chose which. I’m not sure why it selects the 32 bit version as a default but that’s what the patch installer does.

So, a simple plea to get this fixed for the next patch update - please default to existing settings if present or provide a choice to set the default (or set to 64 bit if that can’t be done). Just a simple thing to save pulling a few precious hairs out each update.

Why do you need to edit the registry…you should do this with “open with” and then “always open files of this type etc, etc” and if that doesn’t work it suggests something is odd with your installations.

Have you got 32bit installed inside of the standard “Program Files(x86)” and 64bit in “Program Files” folders?

It’s a while now but it was along the lines of…

As Steinberg chose the same filename for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of C7.5 and C8.0, the Open With setting doesn’t seem to distinguish between them and even when you select the version with browse, for some reason (perhaps it sees no change in executable name), it keeps using the 32 bit version. I did try this method many times and each time I browsed to the 64 bit version and set that, explorer kept opening the 32 bit version.

So your programs are in the separate Program Files folders as per my last post.