Patches with Keyswitch in Halion Sonic SE3?

I’m new to Dorico, currently with Dorico Elements, and the bundled Halion Sonic SE3, but have already spent many hours watching videos to try to understand/resolve this problem. I want to use expression maps and switch between arco/pizz in string instruments. Most of the videos show the process by using Violins 1A Combi, or Violin Solo Combi as examples, but I can’t find those anywhere in Halion Sonic SE3. Actually I have failed to locate any patch with key switches at all (yes, have scrolled keyboard). I feel I must be missing something very obvious, but after many hours searching cannot find any useful information. Why am I not seeing patches with the orange keyswitches? Would be grateful if anyone is able to point me in the right direction. Thanks.

Welcome to the forum, @Brookland. I’m sorry to say that the sounds included with Dorico Elements do not include any orchestral sounds that provide key switches. As such, there’s no straightforward way to handle a switch between arco and pizz. with the HSSE factory sounds. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused, and your wasted time.

Thanks very much Daniel. That explains it. Though I couldn’t see that difference outlined in the comparison lists. What puzzles me is that the tutorial videos containing keyswitches appear to show Halion Sonic SE3 eg. John Barron/Anthony Hughes - which is what I have. Is Halion Sonic SE3 different according to what level of Dorico you use?

In one way , obviously my solution is to move to Dorico Pro, which in any case was my goal. But I was simply hoping to practise, to see that I could successfully use keyswitches/expression maps before taking that decision. I presume that’s not going to be an option?

Many thanks again for quick response.

HALion Sonic SE is our sample player, so it can play all manner of different content sets. The same plug-in is used to play back the different content sets included with Dorico SE, Dorico Elements and Dorico Pro.

If you install a trial version of Dorico Pro, you can use all of its features, including the HALion Symphonic Orchestra library that does include keyswitched instruments with multiple playing techniques and articulations, for 30 days. Since you already have Dorico Elements installed, you don’t need to reinstall Dorico itself: you can run Steinberg Download Assistant and install the Sound Content for Dorico Pro 4 (recommended) download choice.

After you request your Dorico Pro 4 trial, you’ll then need to run Steinberg Activation Manager and manually deactivate Dorico Elements in order to activate your Dorico Pro trial license.

Thanks for the helpful and clear explanation.

I’ve installed Dorico 4 Pro, seeing the keyswitches, and early success in managing arco/pizz/tremolo (though a long way to go yet).

As I try to learn Dorico and find my way around all the help sources it would be sensible to be able to search the forum for answers to questions, rather than posting questions that may already be answered if only I could find them. For example I’m particularly interested in piano patches and came across a topic “Does Dorico enclose a great piano sound” with some links to useful demos of the patches. But I hit upon this more by accident than design (and it’s six years old, so probably not so relevant now). So just how do I search the forum? I feel (again!) that I must be missing something very obvious, as this is such a basic thing, but can’t see how to do it. Thanks.

Click the magnifying glass (top right). But be aware this searches all the Steinberg forums, so using the advanced filters is essential. Thereafter it’s like any other search - you need to be creative in your search terms to get useful results!

You can also search the forum using site-specific search on your regular search engine of choice. For example, on Google, you can type before your search term to limit your search to pages on this site.

Thank you both - for your replies and your patience. I’m sorry for what must have seemed a very dumb question, and I can’t understand why I didn’t see the magnifying glass when I was clicking everything in sight! How can you possibly miss it!?