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Hello I have posed this question before but still haven’t been able to find a solution.
I have 2 mics on an acoustic guitar going into RME fire face UCX inputs 1&2.

I have a reverb pedal which is the meris mercury7 which I want to patch into the UCX.
After I have recorded my dry guitar signal into tracks 1&2, I want to tweak in (record) on a new track, the mercury7 effects over the dry acoustic guitar tracks and dial in those nice reverb tails when i want to.

Rev pedal is set to ‘kill dry’

RME audio interfaces come with Totalmix fx
Hopefully someone might have some experience with it and cubase??

Any help would relieve a long standing and confusing problem and I would be most appreciative!

Gday Jblob.

If I understand you correctly you can use a DI box or you could reamp it using a reamp box,(depending on the sound you want after the dry record).
I have used both and it works great! I have a couple of pedals that I love and no plugin comes close to that particular sound in my case so I use both methods. I wont go into the details of how to hook up but a quick google search on reamping or adding external effects to a DAW track will reveal all and you can choose what method you want.I’m not sure how to do it without those boxes so I can’t comment on another way if you don’t have either.


Thanks so much for your reply…
I do have a radial JDI?
Yeah i love those pedals and their sound is immaculate so i want the best sound i can achieve…
ill checkout radials reamp boxes. would you recommend others?

Gday Jblob, No worries!

I use the Radial JCR reamp box which I love and for my DI box I use a DAP. But if you are trying to get some reverb on tracks that have been recorded by microphone, then a DI box will do fine. I only really use the reamp one if I’m wanting to add effects from an amped instrument (elec guitar, bass etc). You just go from an out from the back of your interface then into your pedal and out again to your DI box and straight back into you interface input, (instrument level).


thanks axe matt, again…

once i go out from the pedal, do i go into the input or thru of the jdi?
then I’m assuming out of the jdi with an xlr to trs cable back into the interface input?

Gday Jblob.

Sorry for the delay in getting back. Choose an output on the back of your interface, again not familiar with your interface but say its out put 3, then from there go to your FX pedal then out from your FX pedal to your DI box and then back into your interface input. Then you want to get audio out of the track you want to effect via a send and choose the output you chose (3 remember) and go from there. Hope that help mate.


Just go straight from the pedal into a line input of the UCX, no need for a DI, especially when you are not using the Mic inputs anyway.

Thanks for the reply but the mic inputs are being used!

ill explain as simple as i can.

2 mics on acoustic guitar going into inputs 1 and 2 (mic inputs) on UCX

now i want to patch a physical reverb effects pedal, the ‘Meris Mercury7’ to the UCX

So i can layer it over my dry guitar tracks. Or any tracks i create.

In cubase.

Ive been looking for a solution to this for a while now.

I know thats why I wrote to use the line ins, since the mic ins are used with mics, not the effects pedal

I see what you mean but mate, you’re going to have to do better than that to explain what you mean please!!

the UCX has 8ins 8 outs
the fx pedal has input, left out, right out (line/synth level)

I’ve tried coming from the output into the fx pedal then back in to an input. Now what?? sorry thats what I’ve been asking forums politely for a while i feel like I’m on a wild goose chase and people just say ‘do this or that’ without explanation it makes it hard for someone who isn’t a professional engineer!

Thanks anyway

Now nothing else. What does not work, and how exactly did you do that?
Create a send, set the output to the Hardware port, that is connected to the pedal input. Assign the HW input port to a Cubase bus, set that bus as input of an audio track, set input monitoring of that track to on. The same thing you did to set up the microphones, just with a line input