Patchname info in inspector not transmitted to Ext Keys

Hi, my cubase 8.5 is connected to my external Roland xp80 and correctly triggers the right patches when I alter them in the inspector. However when I first launch a project and press play in cubase there are no midi messages being sent to the external keys so the wrong patches are played.

I thought this was a matter of chasing events so went to file/preferences/midi where I am chasing events for program change and sysEx. This is driving me mad. I know I could probably record the bank and patch numbers in the track midi info (if I knew how!) but this is not how it should work.
I’d be eternally grateful to a cubase wiz who can help. Thanks in advance

Update in case helps others: : solved. I realised it was because I switched my xp80 on after launching cubase which somehow transmitted program changes to override those in the inspector (I’m pretty sure transmit prog change was off in the XP80!)