Patchname Script for Eventide Eclipse

I made one, it took a couple days. Here it is:
I didn’t add the user or card presets but everything else is there.

That’s brilliant, thanks a lot. Btw did you know there’s also an ipad editor for it?

Thanks again,


So, what can you do with a patch script for an external effect unit? I just got this Eventide up and working in Cubase. I know how a patch script works for an external instrument, but how would one change the programs with an effects unit?

@Tom H
Thank you very much for doing this !

Basically, you put the file in %AppData%\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase_10.5_64\Scripts\Patchnames\inactive\other
Then in the ‘Midi devices’ menu you add a new device & you will find the ‘Eclipse V4’ with all the patch names.
So now I add a midi track connected to the Eclipse in my projects and I can change programs from Cubase

I just acquired the Eclipse, I have a follow-up question:
Is there anyway to have the ‘Hotkeys’ of the Eclipse assigned to fixed midi CC’s ?
I haven’t found an answer in the manual so far.

A great big THANK YOU to Tom H for making this available.