path= filter in mediabay gives no result.

Hi, In Mediabay (Cubase 8.5pro) I wanted to find other samples in the same folder as a particularly good sample (femvox1.wav) I’d used ages ago.
I searched on 'fem vox and found by right clicking on the .wav and hovering over the ‘search for’ option a lot of info on the file was revealed and I could select the file path and, voila, the path and filename were transferred to the filter ‘path equals E:cubase… fem vox1.wav’. On removing the filename, leaving the path, and removing the text from the browse criteria I’d used to search for my file, I expected to see a list of all the .wav at that location but I just got a blank result. I know I could note the path and drill down on the left side of the Mediabay box tog et to where I wanted to be but my first way would be much quicker. I’ve attached a couple of screenshots. Capture 1 shows how I got the pathname and capture 2 shows the filter subsequently created when I clicked the pathname. Be grateful if anyone can advise. Maybe it’s a glich in cubase but expect it’s a ‘user malfunction’! many thanks
. UPDATE: I thought I’d sussed it. I had the qualifier set to ‘pathname equals’ rather than ‘pathname contains’. This still didn’t work for E:\CUBASE\Samples\Old 2_samples Incl zero_g\Zero_G\Hiphop & Swing Breakdown\ BUT it did give a long list when I used a simple search path of E:\