Path horror

The different paths and the spread out settings are absolute hell and make me really angry after all these years of using Cubase:
After a crash, my profile is deleted. I search for my backup and have to find the path. Copied over. Everything should work now.
No, the settings are all gone too. So I search for the path for the settings and copy them all back. Then I realise that my inputs and control room settings have disappeared. So I search for the path on the Internet and copy my backup back.
During mixing, I realise that my key commands have been deleted. Again I have to google to find out where they are stored. Then I realise that my own plugin list is gone. I search for the path and copy it over. Today I realise that the track presets are also gone. Why are they also saved in a different path/file?
WHY can’t ALL settings be saved in a profile like in every other programme in the world?
This is medieval times!

in case anyone responsible from Steinberg is reading this: Can you please change that?


I would love this as well. An easy, all inclusive profil with import / export option on all custom settings / presets and no-more having to know the right path…

It actually makes sense to disconnect user profile settings from things like Control Room and I/O. Why? Because if I go from one studio to another the I/O and Control Room setup may be different, physically. Things like preferences and key commands on the other hand are more tied to the individual user.

I do agree though that it would be very convenient to a) have all user specified things in one folder/path, and b) maybe have the option to import more than just the “personal” settings exactly for the reason you gave (in other words there’s a problem with the system and one re-import resets more than one thing).

With Windows they are all in the same place, and Steinberg provides a link to the folder.
C:\Users[Account Name]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 13_64 (or 12_64 etc.)
Now, as for Presets…

My settings add up to 60 megabytes, plus 40 megabytes for the media bay, that’s a heck of a big file to be messing with.