Path in Export Audio Mixdown only displays "." when folder name has a "." and is deeply nested

Ok so I’ll acknowledge this one seems odd but I was working on a project Where the folder structure is [LARGE OVERALL PROJECT]/[PART OF PROJECT]/[CUE]/[MIXDOWN]/[MIX STEM SUBFOLDER]/(Audio Files)".

When nested that far down, a folder title with a “.” in the title (eg “STEMS v2.02”) causes the path box to only display a “.” and nothing else. If I remove the dot OR if the folder with that name is higher up in the structure it doesn’t happen. See screen shots.

As you can see, hovering the mouse shows the full correct path in both cases and the output works as expected. This is only a display issue as far as I can tell.

MacOS 13.5, Cubase 13


This is a known issue. It’s going to be fixed in the 1st maintenance update.

Apologies - couldn’t find it on a search!