Pattern Bank

I wish I could build up a MIDI clip library, integrated in the media bay with a very simple preview.

I know there are MIDI-Loops and Pattern-Banks but in both cases the MIDI events are paired with an VST-Instrument, and when I want to use the pattern/loop it will always load the according instrument. Also when I want to add a new pattern to thsi library it will always save the instrument I made it with together with the patten. This is bad mainly because of two reasons:

  1. maybe on day I dont use that VSTi anymore, but I might still want to use my pattern/loops
  2. maybe I made the pattern with a 23GB Mega-Kontakt Library that takes a minute to load, and I might not even like to use that pattern with that specific VSTi in the future

I could also build up a library just out of small MIDI clips, but they would not be nicely integrated into the media bay and there would be no preview or tempo-syncing features

So what I propose is a additional MIDI-clip section in the media bay, where I can just drag and drop MIDI parts from the arrangement window into. Ideally there would be tempo-syncing to the project tempo and a very simple preview feature (just play it with a simple sawtooth or a cheap piano-sound).
Also when I drag such a clip out of the media bay into my project, it would just create a part in the track I drop it (usually when you drop .mid files into the projects it always creates a new MIDI trackā€¦)