pattern bpm list?


Using Ga se 4 I have a question;

Is there a way to see what BPM the patterns are?

Loading a Kit inside GA , you get all sorts of information (kit,style,substile etc.) But not bpm unless you load the kit.

I s there no list function where you can see the different patterns BPM before you load them into GA???


Hi elzouzou,

Forgive me if I’m missing something obvious but why is it important to know the bpm of the patterns when they all sync to your project tempo?

Just because a pattern may say 120bpm it may sound great at say 90bpm or 128bpm, etc etc! :confused:

Kind regards

James Colah

You are right that a pattern can sound ok if the tempo is some what close to your original tempo, but if you have a song i say 90bpm and loading patterns in 170 bpm that won´t work.

I just would like to have list with patterns bpm , instead of doing trial and error loading kits with patterns ten times before you find the right one.


OK - check this out - thanks to Romantique Tp :wink:

Kind regards

James Colah


Found it in Media Bay.