Pattern copy/paste request-suggestion

Hi, today I want to make a request / suggestion for the next developments of Dorico.
I have been using Dorico for some time now and with great satisfaction I am learning to make the most of the software, while admitting that there is always a lot to learn in order to make the most of the possibilities offered and as a former Finale user there are production processes that I have had to rework according to the logic of use offered by Dorico.
I have often made use of the JW plugins called Pattern Copy which allows me to copy a pattern of a melodic line and paste it on other staves containing different melodic line respecting the target pitch.
I don’t know if within Dorico there is already a way to achieve this, in case I ask how.
If this is not possible, I propose it as a useful evolution of the already powerful “Special paste” function offered by Dorico.
I know that it is already possible to write polyphonically on several staves at the same time and I admit that it is one of the powerful functions that I use a lot, but often it also happens to write melodic lines on harmonic bases that later I want to change it in order to reflect the same line of main melody for manage same lyrics lines for other singers or other multiple uses, in the creative phase I think it could be another great useful tool.
I attach screenshots of before and after to better describe what I have tried to explain in words.
In case it is already possible … as always, I await light :slight_smile:

Have a good day

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Thanks for the suggestion, @Tomateck. There is indeed no way to do this directly in Dorico at the moment, but it’s an interesting thing for us to think about adding in future.


Glad to know that this idea is in your interest, I was imagine a PASTE SPECIAL->PASTE PATTERN…crossing my fingers for next version :hugs:
Thanks Daniel

One easy way to address this, albeit with a few extra steps, is to copy the line with the rhythm that you want to the other staves, and then turn on lock duration to renotate the pitches. It is very quick to work this way; I do it often. You can even copy the rhythm, turn on lock duration, and then edit multiple staves at the same time.

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yes, the re-pitch is often useful for various situations, in this case, where I have four staves with long melodic line and harmonisation, the workaround become a bit long process but now is the only way. I’ll wait for this feature inside Dorico hoping that the team will consider soon this proposal .

I miss this feature from Sibelius too. I had a copy rhythm plugin that I used all the time. It speeds up the workflow very much.

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