Pattern play

Hi All,

I have recently started to use Groove Agent SE 4 in Cubase 8. I have seen all of the comments on this forum regarding GA3 but I have never used it so I cannot comment.

However I have some questions regarding dragging pads (patterns) onto the project page. That works ok inasmuch as they drop onto the timeline and a midi file appears. what doesn’t work though is the playback. When I try to play them there is a cacophonous noise! Every midi note in the pattern seems to trigger a different pad!

I have successfully worked out that each pad can be triggered by the midi note depicted on it but now cannot see the point of dragging the pad to the timeline. why would I need to do that and how would I then play it back without the notes a triggering different pads?

I hope that makes some sense…


Hi Gary,

per default Groove Agent 4 is set to record the trigger notes of the pattern pads in Cubase. The advantage is that you can exchange patterns easily and you are able to automate the complexity and the intensity of the pattern in Cubase.

If you want to drag and drop the patterns in Cubase you have to press the small “B” at the bottom left corner of the pattern pad page. This way the patterns and the instrument trigger notes are separated to different MIDI ports.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I tried that and it works.

I am not quite sure which output is doing what though! Do I have to select a new midi channel? If I simply put another mid track with a trigger note which output would I select? GA main or pattern?


Ok I have found it in the manual now!

I had read it but it didn’t make sense the first time. Now I see it a bit better.