Patterning 2 Users

Hi Patterning 2 Users

I’ve been having a play with Patterning 1 in combination with Cubasis. I can see why people rate Patterning but Version 1 syncs badly with Cubasis and even exporting an .aiff file from it ends up with distorted audio.

I know Patterning 2 still isn’t AU and I wouldn’t normally waste time and money on any IAA app now but I might be temped to buy it if the syncing/file exporting has at least been fixed.

Any thoughts



Hi @dobidicus,

Please share your topic with Olympia Noise Co. We’re at hand to exchange with them if required.


Good idea. Thanks Lars.

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Ben from Olympic has told me that he is working on Patterning 3, with AU support. Should be available later in the year.

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