Patterns time signature confusion

I’d be grateful if someone can clarify to a new user of GA SE5 (me) how:

  1. How the GA transport counter relates to the patterns being played e.g.
    Tortoise SE is filed as a 6/4 rhythm and patterns (eg “Main 8”) play 4 bars of 6/4 but the transport display counts down in units of 4/4 and Megadose SE is filed as a 6/4 time signature but the patterns are 8 bars of 4/4
  2. How the pattern pads on the left relate to the MediaBay? on the right. The MediaBay comes up with different results from searching than does the Groove Agent search
  3. The tooltips on the various buttons seem to display blank text boxes. Where are the controls described?

I have found the comprehensive Webhelp User Guide but If you can point me to a tutorial video that describes the user interface I’d be grateful.