Pause before Retrologue plays

I’m a bit of a novice yet was wondering why, when I play a midi sequence and I’m using Retrologue for my instrument, that there is about a 1 bar delay before the sound can be heard?

My drums for example, or a patch from Halion SE plays right on the first beat of the first bar.

Any ideas, explanations or solutions?



I have noticed this aswell…didnt bother with it.
Just dont use steinberg plugins :slight_smile:

Works perfectly well here…

You may want to add your system specs into your signature, or post them, this will help some of us spot the problem.

Retrologue is an awesome synth, you obviously have not tried it.

I had the same problem. I switched off ASIO guard … and the nuisance vanished.

Dr. Max

Turning off ASIO guard works a treat! Nice one.

Same problem. Same solution works. But I hope someone at Steinberg have noticed this behaviour?
I like both Retrologue and ASIO guard :slight_smile:

I noticed the same behavior… This also happens some times with Padshop Pro.

It is fortunate you do not have to switch off ASIO guard entirely. You only have to disable it on the synth track that is behaving badly. I can live with a few synth tracks without ASIO guard.

Until now I did not have the time to find out under what circumstances this happens, but I am going to run some tests to see if it is reliably reproducible. If so - it can be reported as an issue…

No biggie - but sometimes a bit annoying…

It happens to me too, but it seems like it only happens when I have another track selected. When the Retrologue track is selected it plays back fine, but if not, the first few notes are cut off. It makes a second of silence before it will play back anything.