PAUSE command in transport

Yes, very much appreciated!
Thx for your proposal, I’ll try the solution later …

It seems as you didn’t really understand the issue.

I absolutely agree with fellow user @Milliampere that a dedicated “PAUSE” command (which doesn’t mess with the previous START position which is arbitrary, most of the time) would make a lot of sense, especially in connection with Nuendo’s great “RESTART” command which use all the time.

What you mean with the “RESTART” command?

Well - just the “Restart” command. How else would you call this … :

… extremely convenient, since you can reach over from the mouse with your thumb when using the user-defined “Enter” key on the keyboard’s number block. Most of the times better than looping or scrubbing when I work on the finer details of an edit or a mix.

My Nuendo doesn’t find the command “restart”
What could it be in German?

Von vorn ab letzter Stop-Position

Mais je ne parle pas allemand :wink:

OK found it…
it’s “von vorn ab letzter Stop Position”
I wouldn’t find it from scratch…

(That’s exactly why I never use “localised” software versions. :alien: It just asks for trouble.)

… ok, back on topic …

Yeah, but the Franconian slang is close to English, at least it sounds similar… :smiley:

Thanks! this has been driving me crazy, such a simple fix.


for the OP request for a simple PAUSE command, that pauses playback WITHOUT setting a new START position. (So hitting STOP - or double Num 0 - later would return to the INITIAL start position, not the latest paused position.)

Creating markers or moving the locator around just for this is a workaround; that should not be necessary for such a simple thing. And that also assumes that you know beforehand that you are going to pause later.

exactly the same macro that I had already suggested at the beginning of the discussion in the German forum :wink:

Thanks, thats exactly the point. The workaround to set a marker means I would have to set a marker everytime I start playback just because else my start position is gone because I have set my STOP command to not return to the start position. (= behave like a PAUSE command but then my start position is lost) That is pretty weird. And its about such a simple thing: Just to pause playback (or record) and then to be able to resume.

I am using Neundo now for 14 years (!!) since V3 and it keeps annoying me over and over again.

I assume Steinberg will not want to change the look of the transport window. But you could modify the function of the stop button:
1st time stop = back to the last pause stop (spacebar)
2nd time stop = back to last start (play button)
3rd time stop = back to the start of the project

( The function Return to Start… is selected)

Hi P.A.T.,
I answer in English: I have tried your macro, this doesnt work either. When I use it it resets the Start position to the last STOP. Then its even easier to deactivate ‘return to start position on Stop’ and use the spacebar as a PAUSE command and use the Restart command Dietz has suggested. This then does what the macro does.
Thx for help, the challenge to find an existing solution for this workflow goes on. …

For the PAUSE function usually the PLAY symbol changes to a symbol with two vertical lines when in PAUSE condition/status. Hitting START again will change it back to normal PLAY look. So there is no structural change in the Transport window, its just the PLAY button that gets a second ‘look’.
One could also hit the PLAY button with the mouse while transport is in PLAY condition (which currently has no effect) and this activates PAUSE condition.
So there would be quite easy solutions for this.

I am not sure what your other comments about 1st time stop … 2nd time stop mean.

Hi @Milliampere ,my answer referred only to the macro posted by @McSound

  1. Preferences - Transport - Return to Start Position on Stop
  2. Transport - StartStop
  3. Preferences - Transport - Return to Start Position on Stop
    (Yes, 1 and 3 are identical)

… that was exactly the solution I had already suggested.
And yes, we already agreed that this macro does not fit your special request.

That could be solved that way, I just doubted that Steinberg would implement it that way, hence the alternative idea with the cascaded stop functions.
But maybe your wish will be granted :thinking:

Ah, okay , sorry, I didn’t get that.

There could be different ways to implement this nicely, I just made one proposal which I think is easy and good.

One should also conisder what PAUSE means while recording. From my POV it would mean, that recording stops (and goes into PAUSE condition) but when it is restarted it is still recording into the same parts. This is very handy when composing, both with audio recording and midi recording. It avoids having multiple fragmented parts when having to interupt a recording task multiple times.

I have read that Nuendo 12 is advertised with enhancements for key-commands esp. for Transport cmds. Does someone know if by chance the request for a dedicated PAUSE command made it into V12? Often such ‘details’ are not promoted.

Would be a reason to upgrade …

No, there is no “Pause” command in v12