Pause function

Hey all,
First time poster for VST live. New user here too. Two questions off the bat.
Pressing play/stops brings the song to the top. I would like to pause for inputing lyrics, is that possible? I can see why it would be bad for live, but then going from the top would also be bad.
2, is there a simpler way to input lyrics? I don’t use Cubase by the way, but I do have Elements on a trial (for inputting into VST live purposes)

Thanks in advance.

Try this here (untick “Locate Last Start” in Preferences dropdown menu, so playhead won’t jump back):

Hey thanks for the tip but unfortunately it didn’t change anything.

There are shortcuts for play/stop and play/pause. Open „Devices/Actions and Shortcuts/Transport“.
What key do you use, I think Spacebar should work like start/pause by default?

That’s it! Space bar was set to stop but was returning to zero. But resetting it got it back to pause. I can also see here is where I’d set up other hot keys.
Thanks ever so much. :pray: