Pauses between tracks without adding to the "track time"

i have a client who wants 9 seconds between each song but wants his track times to remain exactly as his mixes… not to get 9 seconds longer with pauses at the end.

is this possible in WL?

maybe i do this by not using SPLICE markers and instead start and end markers with 9 seconds in between?


I think yes too, try it with a shorter montage and see if your client
likes it.

  1. song 1 min, paus 9 s
  2. song 1 min, paus 9 s
  3. song 1 min, plus 9 s
    with start and stop markers for each song
    paus start and stop markers in between

regards S-EH

there are “pause markers” ? i thought i’d just put such as:

(START MARKER) song (END MARKER) ----9 seconds---- (START MARKER) song (END MARKER)

i’ll look for pause markers… so used to SPLICE i’ve never used anything else!

You can do it with a CD/DDP by using start/end markers and 9 seconds of negative time between tracks but on streaming, if they want 9 seconds between each song, the files will need to get longer.

It’s not a WL limitation, it’s just the way it is. Aside from any user settings in the app, streaming services just stream the files you submit and that’s that.

yeah, i seem to have achieved it. made a DDP and it all seems to check out. client is very picky, so sending him DDP player file to double check on his end!