Pauses on CD after setting marker.

After Setting markers in an Audio Montage (wavelab 8) I got a pause of approx. 1/4 second on every marker when burning a CD out of that Montage. I need a continuous Sound also with markers with no pause.
I have used the “double marker” for the Transition of two CD titles. This has worked in Wavelab 7 without any problems.
Does anybody have an idea how I can obtain this Problem.

Did you set the option ‘Audio in Pauses’? And are all tracks longer than 4 seconds? If both yes, then something weird is going on - maybe test it with a different burner…

Thanks Arjan.
Yes, “Audio in Pauses” is set on and the tracks are all longer than 4 seconds.
I just recognized that the pauses are on some CD-Players and on some not (e.g. in one car there are pauses and in the other everything is fine).
Since this is the graduate work of my daughter I’m a bit desperate about the Situation.


It sounds like you need to set CD Track Start marker for the very first CD Track
then use “CD Track Splice marker” for continuos audio without pause for next CD Tracks
and of course CD Track End marker for the very last CD Track

CD Track Splice Marker: stops and start at the same time at zero 0 (no pause)

hope it helps or check WL Help/Manual about markers

regards S-EH


thanks much for the hint but I did use the CD Track splice marker. On some CD Players it works, on some not.
Seems like some CD Players Interpret the splice marker as a very short pause.
Not sure if this is a Problem of Wavelab 8 or I just didn’t had These CD Players in the past on which the Problem occurs.

Still desperate! I guess, I have to clean out all the CD splice markers! Too bad!!!

Just save your montage under a different name and you’ll be able to return to the splice marker version.

Actually I was under the impression you did not use splice markers, hence my remark about audio in pauses. It shouldn’t make a difference really, since either way is under the CD red book standard. I’d suggest to try a different burner maybe - or even different media: Since CD-Audio is in fact one long run of audio data with the index written at the very start (written closest to the center of the disk) it could also be lesser quality CD-Rs.

It sounds to me as if the burner is burning “track at once” rather than “disc at once”, and some players handle the result better than others. I can’t imagine why it would do this (in fact I didn’t think modern burners still had this option).