Would it be possible to have an update on when pauses will be playing back? I ask the question for a couple of reasons

  1. While I don’t mind dipping in and out of the timeline to enter pauses, the timeline itself is limited to specified note duration and entering pauses often involves changing note lengths to create the space for the pause. In other words, it can be a bit of a faff.

  2. My old notation software enabled me to have pauses between systems. I found that very useful if I was jotting down ideas or running through different harmonies - rather than having ideas flowing as if they were one, the break clears the air. If Pauses are being considered for playback, could this a part of it, too?

One can adjust the length of pauses between playback of flows.

I think David is talking about fermatas and such… Indeed I would love to see it play, but Dr. Walmlsey has clearly stated that this is planned, and that is quite complicated to implement (he implemented it on Sibelius so I guess we can trust him!)

Hi Derek, hi Marc. Thanks for the replies. Yes, Fermata etc. is what I’m after, along with the request for pauses between systems. I’ll dig deeper and check out Paul’s reply.

I think of fermatas as “holds” rather than pauses. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

We do of course plan to implement playback of holds and pauses in due course, but I’m afraid I can’t give any specific indication about when this will be implemented.

Thanks Daniel.

No need to apologise, I’m sure your defintion is far more correct than mine.

There is no entry for “hold” in my 1988 “Grove Concise Dictionary of Music”, so I guess that’s a US/UK difference. I get the impression that nowadays few linguists acknowledge the possibility of a word being “incorrect”, if a listener would consider it to have the intended meaning.