Pay with two debit cards?

May I pay with two debit cards? I have two debit cards that combined I can purchase a product on Is that possible?

Have you ever tried paying for any Steinberg product with 2 different pieces of plastic? I’ve never seen the option, at Steinberg or anywhere else, unless one of the pieces of plastic was a gift card, and it needed to be supplemented. Because of that I would simply assume the answer to your query was, “No.”

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What @Chikitin is asking is not unheard of. But it requires manual interaction and probably not possible with automated online orders.

Can you just transfer the funds from one card to the other?

It isn’t worth going through a big hassle over some low-ball purchase like a piece of software.

The whole idea of trying to split payment between 2 debit cards is an accident waiting to happen. I’d be afraid of getting double-billed, regardless of what was theoretically possible. Pay with one debit card. Save yourself a headache.

If this matters, I only have one debit card, issued by my local bank, and only one checking account, just to show you where I’m coming from.

P.S. It would be easy enough to transfer funds from one checking account to another, and use either of any bank-issued debit cards to make a purchase. But the cards in the OP don’t sound like bank-issued debit cards.