Payed for Elements and unable to get it to download

Hi all, O have just recently paid for elements 12. I have AI, haven’t used it much but am starting to so dipped my toe in the water so to speak, Paid for it all went well, they send me a download activation code, I put it in and comes up

I am entitled to use the following product
“Cubase Elements 12 Upgrade from AI 12 or LE 12”
Please find your new producti in the “My products” category

Please proeceed with downloading and installing "Cubase Elements 12 Upgrade from AI 12 or LE 12.

I couldn’t find the exact one as it only shows me the Cubase elemtents 12.0.20 - Application {now I dont know if this part of it but I originally had 10.5 le when I bought my UR44C) So I downloaded Elements upgrade in my products. I click on the my products part and bang there it was. Went to download it downloaded 467.14 mb and sat for a second a tick come up and i thought sweet working, I go to open it and still showing that I am running AI. Hmmm, Restarted windows because well windows. then comes up Install again when re downloading it. Still no joy, It has a tick in the green box, so I assume it is happy,

In my Stienberg account I can open up products and tells me I haven’t got it installed on any pc. Is there something I am missing. I didn’t think it would be this hard to do the upgrade.

When I open Cubase it tells me in the menu to upgrade to elements as an option still available to me

I think so.
Try to search Cubase in the start menu… what you can see there?

When I do a search in windows I get
Cubase LE AI Elements 12

Remove all Cubase versions and install Elements.
You also have to activate your license in the Activation Manager.

I havent recieved an activation licence number yet?

When I put in my download code, in the box where a number should be it comes up .
Cubase Elements 12 Upgrade from AI 12 or LE 12
No code to put in

Also have tried uninstalling everything then re installing some issue, the download stops .01 mb short then says ticks it self and says install again however no program installed

So went into the Activation Manager, Elements is now there and I can Activate it.

Thanks Louis_R

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If it says install again, it is already installed.