Paying to export to MP3

I just have to say that I think it’s pretty cheesy of Steinberg to disable the export to MP3 feature in CuBase AI5. I know that the software was included basically for free with my Yamaha mixer but it’s still wrong, especially since it so easy to convert AIF to MP3 for free using other programs. It’s just annoying that I can’t do it in my NEW RECORDING SOFTWARE and I have to do it in iTunes!

Thanks Steinberg!

PS. I did pay Steinberg the $15 ransom to enable the export to MP3 function just to make my life easier. :imp: :smiling_imp: Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t buy the full version because it looks like they nickel and dime you for everything.

And sorry for the rant, you can see how things like this irritates customers.

IIRC mp3 exports are unlimited in the full versions.

There was some legal reason why they had to do it in the LE/AI versions, not because they’re trying to squeeze you. It was something to do with that fact that LE/AI versions are not sold directly by Steinberg.

Hagrid: I do a usual audio mixdown but change it from .WAV to .mp3 by

  1. file, export, audio mixdown,
  2. do the usual here. I take it you know how to do a mixdown ?
  3. click the down arrow on “FILE FORMAT”
  4. Select Windows Media Audio File
  5. 44.1 sample rate
  6. 16 bit
  7. Stereo
  8. scroll down to Bit rate/quality — click the down arrow
  9. SELECT 128 klps 44 khz 2 channel 16 bit CBR

Most of these are .MP3’S they just don’t say .mp3
You can experiment with those other’s if you want
but that 128klps is the one I use for .mp3 conversions.
This one works great emailing file’'s (SONG’S) to friend’s

Hope this helps

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for information, as mentioned, I was just ranting… And was irritated when I couldn’t do the most basic basic thing thing needed with what was considered a high-end recording software. Not the best way for Steinberg to start off a relationship with a new customer.

But I also want world peace so I’m a dreamer! Why would I have thought I could save a recoding to MP3, silly me!